Chapter 14

Chapter 14 marks the beginning of the end of this class. It is the first chapter in a series of chapters(14-20) that will account for the majority of free response questions on the AP Chemistry test. It is important that you master both the quantitative and qualitative information covered.

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Blue Sheet

Watch these videos for help they are the six in the section on kinetics.

SampleLab Data, Lab

Big Ideas Answers 1, 2, 3

Test review sheet (very helpful, I hope) , Problems similar to the test, solutions to those problems

Practice test , Updated 2013, answers

Home work problems- Check Due Dates on Class Calendar
Set I- 19,21,25,26
Set II- 33,34,35,36,43,45,47,49, 51, Set III- 61,77,(78a, b),79,80,81



















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