BEHS Chemistry

Practice Test
 Abombs make Your Day Test

Directions:  Number a piece of paper from 1 to 30.  Answer each question, writing your answers on
your paper.  The correct answers to the questions appear at the end of the practice test.

2008 students should SKIP 16-22

Match the following phrases on the left with the terms on the right.  Each term will only be used once.

____ 1.   The joining of two atomic nuclei                                              a.  Alpha particles
____ 2.   Uses sensors to detect levels of radiation                                b.  Beta particles
____ 3.   Is made up of two protons and two neutrons                         c.  Fission
____ 4.   The time for one half of a radioactive substance to decay       d.  Fusion
____ 5.   The particles and energy breaking away from                         e.  Gamma Rays
               the nucleus of the atom                                                            f.  Geiger counter
____ 6.   Forcefully breaking an atomic nucleus into
               at least two pieces                                                                    g.  Half life
____ 7.   A type of high-energy electromagnetic radiation                      h. Radioactivity
____ 8.   An electron that is ejected from the nucleus
                as a neutron changes into a proton

Answer the following with the terms alpha particle, beta particle, or gamma ray.

 9.  Causes no change in the atomic number or atomic mass when emitted _________.
 10.  The type of radiation that can be stopped with a minimum of a thick
        piece of paper is a(n) ______________.
11.  214 Bi 83 decays into 214 Po 84 has given off a(n) ________________.
12.  Is basically the same as an electron. ____________.
13.  Can cause the most detrimental; damage to living tissue because of
        its high energy. ___________
14.  Causes a change in both the atomic number and atomic mass
       when emitted. ________.
15.  Has an atomic mass of 4 units. __________.

Match the following phrases on the left with the terms on the right.  Each term will be used many times.

___ 16.  Requires very high temperatures to operate                                   a. Fission Reactor
___ 17.  Has control rods                                                                             b. Fusion Reactor
___ 18.  Neutrons produced go on to split more nuclei
___ 19.  Most of the energy released is expressed as fast moving neutrons

You are an operator at the uranium fission reactor shown below.
Answer the following questions based on the diagram.

20.  Name the parts labeled A and B

21.  What is the reactor used for?

22.  How can the rate of the nuclear reaction be controlled in the reactor?

The radioisotope Strontium-92 is a beta emitter.  Write a balanced nuclear equation for its decay process.

      23.          Strontium-92 (92Sr)
 Alpha radiation is emitted during the disintegration of the Thorium-227 isotope.  Write a balanced nuclear equation for its decay process.

   24.                Thorium-227 (227Th)

Half-Life problem :

25.  Iodine -131 emits alpha radiation and has a half-life of 8 days.  Assume a starting mass of
        36.00 grams of Iodine-131.
            a. How long is four half-lives?
            b. How many grams of Iodine-131 will still exist after thee half-lives?
            c. How many atoms of Iodine-131 remain after three half-lives?

 Answer the following questions:

26.  The atomic number refers to the number of _________ in a nucleus.
27.  Visible light and non-ionizing radiation can come from a(n) ___________ that changes orbitals.
28.  The element that has 5 dots in its electron do structure and is in period 2 is _________.
29.  The name for family VII is ____________.
30.  The electron dot structure for aluminum is ________.
31.  The chemist who conducted the gold foil experiment was _______________.


1.  d
2.  f
3.  a

4. g
5.  h
6.  c
7.  e
8.  b
9.  gamma ray
10.  alpha particle
11.  beta particle
12.  beta particle
13.  gamma ray
14.  alpha particle
15.  alpha particle
16.  b
17.  a
18.  a
19.  b
20.  A = fuel rods, B= fuel assembly
21.  genreating electricity
22.  lowering or raising the control rods
23.                          92
        ------> e -   +      Y
24.                4               223
        ------>      He   +        Ra
                     2                 88

25. a.  32 days  b.  4.5 grams    c.  2.06 x 1022 atoms remain
26.  protons
27.  electron
28.  nitrogen
29.  halogen
30.  Al with three dots around it
31.  Rutherford

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