BEHS Chemistry

Web Helps

These internet resources will help you study and prepare for tests and quizes. They also include websites that are extreamly interesting and fun. You may at anytime visit one of these sites and write a one page conclusion on the materials in the site. Make sure to include the name of the site in your conclusion! This will earn you 10pts extra credit appied to your homework scores. You may do up to ten of these summaries, for a total of 100 pts.

E-mail you conclusions to me at:
(include you name in the subject line.)
---- Wooden periodic table, very fun and informative site. Look around and you will be thankful that you did.----
---All you ever wanted to know about the elements---
---Great resource for any Chemistry question---
---Bob Cefalos Chemistry website---
---Fun chemistry animations---

Solution Animation

Types of reaction help page If you are struggling with the types of reactions visit here.

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